This Anemometer is one of the best I have found, working in all directions without having to orientate it into the winds direction



An Anemometer excels in measuring wind speed. Most handheld devices feature an oriented enclosed fan. This enables the wind to flow through the device. It records the true wind speed but only when held in this orientation.

This particular Anemometer stands out as one of the best on the market. The Anemometer is capable of measuring wind speed in all directions without requiring specific wind direction orientation. The Anemometer is moulded from vibrant orange plastic. This is great when you need to find it in your bag.  The Anemometer incorporates a set of protected cups to capture even the slightest breeze from any direction. It offers wind speed measurements in various selected units, including m/s, and calculates the average wind speed over the collection period. Additionally, it boasts a large 1.6-inch LCD screen that facilitates easy value reading even in dimly lit environments. The package includes a long-lasting and easily replaceable CR2032 battery.

Display options encompass Beaufort, knots, m/s, km/h, and mph for wind speed measurements. You can monitor current, maximum, and average wind speeds within a range of 0.7-42.0 m/s. Moreover, a compass is situated at the top of the anemometer to assist in identifying wind direction.

Designed with a tripod hole at the bottom, the anemometer allows for stable mounting, enabling hands-free wind speed measurement. This is an invaluable feature when have to get an efficient wind speed measurement. You can place the anemometer on a tripod or light stand on the shore or mount it onto the boat.

When mounted on a moving sailboat, the anemometer provides a measure of the apparent wind speed relative to the boat’s movement.

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