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It is an essential buy if you need to be towed by a safety boat.

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The Orange Floating Rope, with its unique combination of practicality and safety features. It represents an essential tool for both emergency scenarios and everyday water-related activities. Its construction, featuring a high-strength polypropylene outer skin and a robust inner core, ensures durability and reliability. The rope’s ultimate tensile force stands at 4.5KN, making it sturdy enough for various applications without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use.

Thin Enough to throw

At a diameter of 6mm and with a cable length of 10 meters. The Orange Rope is designed to be versatile. Its relatively slender width aids in making it an ideal choice for throwing. This is a critical feature in rescue operations or when needing to connect to a distant point, such as during mooring or anchoring. Despite its strength, the rope remains lightweight, a characteristic that enhances its usability. This lightness and its ability to float on water make it an indispensable tool in marine environments. The floating aspect increases its visibility and makes recovery from water easy and swift, a vital feature during emergencies.

Another notable feature of the Orange floating Rope is its reflective orange outer skin. This bright colouration ensures high visibility, which is crucial in emergency scenarios. Quick identification can mean the difference between a successful rescue and a dangerous situation. The vivid orange also aids in day-to-day activities, ensuring the rope is easily spotted against the blue backdrop of the water or in low-light conditions.

Multitude of uses

Designed for a range of applications, the Orange floating Rope is well-suited for anchoring, mooring, and as a boat or marine rope. It is also effective as dock lines and serves efficiently in kayaking, canoeing, or as a tow and throw line. The versatility is further enhanced by the option to attach a thicker rope for more robust towing needs.

An added feature is the inclusion of a carabiner, which enables quick and easy attachment to boats or other equipment. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where time is of the essence, such as in fast-moving water conditions or during a rescue operation.


In summary, the Orange Rope is a multifaceted tool, balancing strength, visibility, and versatility. Its lightweight, floating design, combined with the high-strength construction and reflective outer skin, makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of water-related activities, whether they be for leisure or in critical emergency scenarios. Its thoughtful design aspects, such as the carabiner for quick attachment and the optimal diameter for throwing. Further, establish it as a practical and essential item in any marine or outdoor toolkit.

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