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Gul Knee pads for saving knee joints. With cleats, fittings, centreboards, poles and all sorts of devices fitted to boats at deck level as well as non slip flooring, your knees are extremely exposed to the elements and hardware during sailing. Prevent damage and injury to your knees by wearing knee pads during your time on the water. Gul Knee pads for saving knee joints. I spend most of my time when I am in the sailing dinghy on my knees. Sometimes, when we gybe I need to fall heavily on my knees. Getting older this does get increasingly more painful. But any more thanks to these Gul knee pads.

This flexible Kevlar knee pad is a hard-wearing protective pad using double-lined neoprene for durability. It has two adjustable elasticated straps , one above the knee and one below for ease of putting on, especially on top of clothing.

Should I wear these Gul Knee pads under or vers cloths, like salopettes? The answer here is that both options can be done. Placing the knee pads on top of the salopettes is very easy they can get wet and can catch in other items. Underneath the salopettes, they are easier to put on and as long as the salopettes fit over the knee pads this is ok. If the pad moves then it is more difficult to adjust.


Flexible Kevlar hard-wearing pads Double-lined neoprene for durability Elasticated adjustable straps

A = Measure the circumference 4 inches (10cm) above knee centre

B = Measure the circumference 4 inches (10cm) below knee centre



A 15.5-16.5 (39-42cm) B 13.5-14.5 (34-37cm)


A 16.5-17.5 (42-44cm) B 14-15 (36-38cm)


A 17.5-18.5 (44-47cm) B 14.5-15.5 (37-39cm)

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