Micro-Mini Orange Paddle



This Micro-Mini Orange Paddle is an essential. It is the sort of thing that you need to carry in your boat at all times because you never know when you are going to need it. Being bright orange it is hard to miss in the boat because when you suddenly need this, you haven’t got usually much time to search for it. This Micro-Mini Orange Paddle is a great addition to any sailing dinghy and once you use it you realise that two would have been better.

This telescopic Micro-Mini Orange Paddle is a great addition to your Kayak or Canoe, This paddle telescopes from 54cm to 106cm. The dual telescopic locking device works without hassle. Just twist to tighten. Corrosion-resistant aluminium shaft and high-impact moulded blade and hand grips. Tough light weight and durable. The blade is 16cm wide by 28cm Safety Orange. Great, get you home in an emergency. Floats

Here are some of the features.

  • 54cm to 106cm in length
  • High-impact moulded blade
  • A Great get you home paddle in an emergency
  • Dual telescopic locking device 

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