Victorinox Skipper Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Victorinox Skipper Swiss Army Pocket Knife. Just the thing you need on a boat. The knife blade locks into position making it safer to use



Victorinox Skipper Swiss Army Pocket Knife 18 Functions

  • SKIPPER: Large Pocket Knife for Sailing – Your perfect pocket tool for stripping wire and opening cans on your sailing expeditions. Includes a lanyard, plus shackle opener with marlin spike.
  • FUNCTIONS: 18 functions – including: Blade large with wavy edge, Corkscrew, Can opener, Screwdriver 3 mm, Bottle opener lockable, Screwdriver 7 mm, Wire stripper, Reamer punch, Phillips screwdriver 1/2, Combination pliers, Wire cutters, Wire crimper.
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS: Indispensable for outdoor tasks of all kinds and for a creative, adventurous lifestyle. The robust knives have a non-slip, ergonomically shaped handle and a reliable locking blade for optimum stability.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Length 111 mm, Width 31 mm, Height 23 mm, Weight 183 g, Scale material Polyamide, Color Blue, Sharpened blade length 79 mm, Item 0.8593.2W, Skipper
  • HIGHEST SWISS QUALITY: Victorinox is a Swiss brand with a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship and innovative design. We draw on 130 years of experience to produce iconic, high-quality knives, watches, luggage and perfumes.
  • Victorinox Skipper Swiss Army Pocket Knife for all sailing activities

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