Our First day out Sailing

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Rigging the sail and getting on the River 

We managed to watch the first proper race of the season then Paul and I took to the water. It did take us a while to get ready, being the first time we are in the water this year. We needed to tighten the shroud lines and then haul the boat from the car park across the railway crossing to the river. With advice we turned the boat into the wind and set the mainsail. Because this was effectively my first lesson Paul decided to only use the main and get me to practise moving from one side of the boat to the other to keep us balanced.

The RS Toura is quite a heavy boat so we needed to use the winch to lower the trailer down the slipway into the water then tie it up whilst pulling the launching trolley out of the water and putting it out of the way before we could set sail.
Then I discovered we had to get the sail up and the correct side of the gnav so we could connect the downhaul rope.

Off we go

Once aboard and we we off. The thrill as the sails filled with air and pulled the boat along. Winds of 10mph gusting to 25mph gave the boat a bit of speed. This is what I had waited 6 months for.
With Paul at the hem, I sat by the mast  first on one side then the other - I moved to slowly and found that on my knees in the centre worked well for a time.

We were doing so well that the crew on the safety boat came just behind us and gave us some instructions to improve the boats handling. Paul quickly got the hang of pulling in the main to increase the power and putting some force onto the rudder.

I was grateful for my decision to wear a helmet as the boom clouted me a few times as I didn't duck quite low enough as I scrambled past it.

And then all too soon we were back at the club taking down the sail and hauling the boat and then two safety boats out of the water then moving other boats from the field where they had been stored away from the floods back down to the river. The Toura was moved back into the boat park where we covered it up until we can get out on it next time.

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