Setting up the boat cameras


1. Boom 360
2. Rudder forwards backwards camera
3. Front of Mast Backwards facing Ace Pro
4. Front of Mast forwards facing Olympus Tough
5. Engine Mount Olympus Tough

The positioning of the cameras gives you view you want. Many of these are just predictions of what we might need and these placements will be changed to obtain better shots.

Insta360 camera mounted under the boom

Probably the most useful camera is the 360 camera mounted on the Boom. This gives a clear view of what is going on in the cockpit and of all the crew in action.

Forward of the Mast Backwards Facing

Using a Suction mount, the wide angle Ace Pro Camera gives a great wide angle wide of the cockpit.

Forward of the Mast Forwards Facing

Rudder Cam

Engine Mount Cam

Body Cam 1

Onshore Camera

Camera Boat