All the things we have bought for the boat and use

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Essentials for the Sailing Savvy

Welcome aboard our Dinghy Sailing Shop e-commerce platform, the ultimate sailor's treasure chest. We're not just any online store; we're enthusiasts deeply anchored in the dinghy sailing world. Here, we've cast a net over products that have weathered storms with us, proven their worth, and secured a spot in our daily sailing routine. And we believe they're essential for you, too. Or at least that could be the plan. At the moment this is a small frontage linked to Amazon and other sites where we have bought the kit from. Hopefully each item will have a picture, video and description.

Our most used Item so far

The Telescopic Paddle

As newbees this is most used bit of kit along with the boat hook. We don't have one of these onboard - but two.
Being telescopic they can be put away in the boat and don't get in the way. They take seconds to get expanded and locked into position. They are big enough to propel a boat like the RS Toura out from very shallow waters where we have run aground back into deeper waters. Orange makes them easy to find when you need them quickly which we usually do.
Another advantage is that they float.

Amazon Review and Video

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Just a few so far

Telescopic Paddle

Victorinox Skipper Penknife and Belt Clips

Why compromise on the gear when you can conquer the waters with the finest equipment? Starting with our robust selection, we offer you everything from the most durable life jackets to the most dependable rigging gear. Our Dinghy Sailing Shop ensures you stay comfortably dry with our waterproof apparel—even as the waves challenge you with their sprays. Additionally, every item you purchase through our affiliate links not only fuels your passion for sailing but also reinforces our commitment to this thrilling sport.

Transitioning seamlessly from product to product, you'll find quality at every click. We're talking about non-slip deck shoes that grip like a barnacle, UV-protection sunglasses that shield like a sprayhood, and breathable apparel that feels like a second skin. Even better, these are items we use daily. We trust them to perform, which means you can too.

Every thing on the site has been bought by us and used by us.